The true Numberwang was first foretold of in 94 A.D. by Sir Digby Chicken Caesar. After having a psychic vision (or possibly a drugged hallucination), he claimed that one day, a Numberwang would be discovered that would be more powerful than all other Numberwangs combined, apart from possibly 271. Sir Digby Chicken Caesar was laughed at by many of his companions, mostly because he was a drunken tramp, but the Legend of the True Numberwang was passed down from generation to generation.

In 1292, Raymond Terrific became the first man to ever reach the summit of Mount Numberwang. As he was placing his flag, emblazoned with the number 46.1, he noticed a scroll. He was initially disappointed, as he thought this meant someone else had reached the summit before him, but when he read the words "The true Numberwang is Near", he was so surprised he nearly fell off the mountain. The scroll continued to say "-338 is the key. Good luck."

Unfortunately, for many centuries, no-one could understand what this meant. Hundreds of mathematicians dedicated their lives to studying -338, but none came anywhere close to discovering the true Numberwang. This is because a vital piece of the puzzle was missing. This piece was Numberwang Wiki.

In 2015, some random kid came along and created Numberwang Wiki. Unbeknownst to him, the true Numberwang had just been created. Hidden somewhere in this wiki, the true Numberwang was just waiting to be discovered.

Click here to begin the hunt.

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